Indian Ocean Rock Lobster

Cervantes, Western Australia.

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Indian Ocean Rock Lobster Pty. Ltd. is a progressive young Australian company.

Fast modern boats bring fresh, live lobsters.Our focus is on producing premium quality live, chilled and frozen lobster and our other value added products. Our lobsters are sourced from sustainably managed wild capture Western Rock Lobster stocks from the pristine waters off the Western Australian coastline. We sell our rock lobsters to both the domestic Australian market and to overseas markets. We consider our lobster and other products to be as good or better than any available in the world.

Live lobster on the beach.We continually review our processes so as to always use state-of-the-art best practice methods for catching, handling, processing, packing and transporting of lobsters and other products.

Whether you are a seafood wholesaler, retailer, restaurant owner, chef or lobster lover, you will appreciate the way our products always look great and taste even better.

Lobster medalions prepared ready for a hotel function.

Lobster medalions prepared for a hotel function.

From lobster pot to cooking pot we thoroughly manage all the aspects of the process to maximise freshness, firmness, taste and colour while minimising mistreatment and damage.

No matter if you display our product in your aquarium, refrigerated glass display, boxed in your freezer or on your plate, it will look sensational.

Check our classy, distinctive box packaging.