Cervantes Western Australia

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About Cervantes

Cervantes, a little piece of God’s country, is a pleasant fishing town located 254 Km north of Perth. Cervantes features spectacular white, pristine beaches showcasing the beautiful turquoise ocean making it a wonderful holiday destination for the whole family. 

Accommodation is available at the Caravan Park, motel, back packers or rent a holiday unit or chalet, the choice is yours.  Go fishing off the jetty, boating, swimming, snorkelling, exploring the offshore islands and reefs, take in the local sites or just relax and enjoy Cervantes.

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Cervantes takes its name from an American whaling ship which was wrecked off the coast in 1844.  Apparently the Cervantes was anchored off Thirsty Point, the promontory which lies to the west of the town and separates Nambung Bay (to the south) from Ronsard Bay in the north, when a gale blew up and the ship was blown ashore on an island to the south of the point.  The ship was not badly damaged but due to difficulty of repairs all the contents were sold on the site.  The island was named Cervantes and, in 1963, it was given to the small fishing village which had sprung up on the mainland.

Directions - You can get a printout with turn by turn directions on how to get to Cervantes from almost anywhere in Australia by using the Google Map on our Directions Page