Privacy Policy

Cervantes, Western Australia.

Privacy Policies


Indian Ocean Rock Lobster is committed to maintaining the privacy of personal information and communications from clients, web site users and any other contacts in which personal information is divulged.

Indian Ocean Rock Lobster endeavors to;

  • protect the personal information entrusted to us from other web sites.
  • store personal information securely.
  • use personal information only for the purpose for which it was intended.
  • remove personal data from lists when requested.
  • to not sell or otherwise divulge personal information to third parties.

email newsletter subscriptions

In the case of newsletter subscription, each subscribers name and email address will be kept in our newsletter mailing list. Our policy on the usage of this mailing list is this;

  • Indian Ocean Rock Lobster will not sell or otherwise divulge names and/or email addresses to third parties.
  • Subscribers will receive only newsletters. No other advertising documents will be sent.
  • Any advertising within the newsletter will be relevant and specific to Indian Ocean Rock Lobster.
  • If someone on the list requests to unsubscribe, their request shall be acted upon promptly.
  • If someone on the list chooses to unsubscribe, their record will be deleted rather than deactivated.


Currently on our site does not read or write any cookies. If we change this practice we will only write session id cookies (which store no personally identifiable data) for the purpose of user login or form data persistance. This site will never attempt to read 3rd party cookies.

Cookies are small information files that are stored by your browser on your computers hard drive when you load a web page. Web pages can reqest to read the cookies that their own site has created (termed 1st party cookies) or that another site has created (termed 3rd party cookies).

A common use for 1st party cookies is to store a session id for a logged in user. This session id is random string data checked against the stored session id on the server so the user can remain logged in between pages. Another bad 1st person cookie usage is to store data entered into a form so that if the user navigates away from the form then returns, the data can be automatically reentered into the form. The correct method to make form data persistant is to store it in a server variable and allow access only if the browser has the correct session id cookie. The server variable is then destroyed by the server at the end of the session and the session id cookie becomes useless.

A cookie is termed a 3rd party cookie when a web page requests to read a cookie that another web site has written. One common problem with this is that if another site has written form data into their cookies, then name, address, email etc. can be harvested this way. Another common problem with 3rd party cookie reading is that internet browsing history can be tracked this way, just by reading the 3rd party cookies and recording which sites wrote them.

links to third party websites

Indian Ocean Rock Lobster's Privacy Policy is NOT the same as the various privacy policies of sites which we have hyperlinks to. Before giving personal information to any other web sites we recommend you read their respective privacy policy.

publishing client communications

In the advent that Indian Ocean Rock Lobster wishes to publish communications from clients (for example a testimonial) it will only do so if specific permission has been given by the author of the communication.