Lobster Processing

Indian Ocean Rock Lobster Pty. Ltd.


Indian Ocean Rock Lobster processing plant.


We pride ourselves that at this time, our company is the only one using full Steam Cooking Technology, as opposed to the Boiling method, for the preparation of lobster.

The advantage of Steam Cooking is a more controlled cooking process, which means maximum flavour and texture is maintained.  Try the difference, you will be amazed.


Our company has installed new state-of-the-art refrigeration and at this time we are using the Blast Freezing Method.

We picked some of our favorite pictures to share with you. We hope you like them.

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NEWS FLASH – We are very excited about a new freezing process we are currently developing and hope to perfect in the near future.  The new process will be a salt water brine freezing technique with a glazing finish on all value added lines.  Watch this space for updates.


At Indian Ocean Rock Lobster we have the latest grading systems.  This enables us to grade our lobsters to within increments of 10 grams.  Our clients can nominate exact weight grades to suit their individual requirements.