Lobster Products

Indian Ocean Rock Lobster Pty. Ltd.

Our Lobster

A lobster on cray pot.

Our lobsters are captured from the local waters around Cervantes and unloaded at the Cervantes Jetty. The lobsters are then driven a few hundred metres to the processing plant.

There they are held live or processed depending on the current list of orders. Below are the products we prepare from them.

Whole Lobsters:

Live, steamed or sashimi.

Lobster Tails:

Steamed, medallions or sashimi.

Lobster Splits:

Steamed or sashimi.

Other Lobster products:

Whole Lobster heads,  Lobster Sashimi Meat, Lobster Pate, Lobster Horn Meat, Steamed Lobster Horns and Legs, Marinated Lobster.