Live Lobster

Indian Ocean Rock Lobster Pty. Ltd.

The Best of the Best - Live Lobster

A live lobster in the packing case with wood shavings.

Our live tank holding capacity is approximately 20 metric tonnes of live lobster.

We use 2 x 15kW Flyte submersible pumps to pump water directly from the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean directly out the front of the factory. These pumps can achieve a water flow of 200 litres/second through the live holding tanks.

Air conditioned aeration blowers provide invaluable cool air into the live tanks, to help settle and keep the lobsters happy.

Upon receipt of an order the lobsters are individually sorted by the Morell Proline weight grading machine.

We sell live lobsters in a variety of package sizes but the most common is the 9kg net weight and 15kg net weight.

Live lobsters in holding tanks.