Lobster Special

Indian Ocean Rock Lobster Pty. Ltd.

We Can Prepare Special Lobster Orders

A dish of sushimi lobster.

This special method of presenting sashimi lobster meat uses the natural beauty of the lobster's tail as the main feature in it's presentation.

If you have special requirements for your lobster orders please contact us so we can discuss whether we can meet them.

We pride ourselves in being adaptable and innovative.

One of our special products is lobster medallions cut from lobster tails with the shell still attached. The thickness of these medallions can be customised to your needs. This produces a very interesting, visually appealing and practical morsel suitable for buffets or à la carte usage.

Another of our special products is raw sashimi lobster meat packaged in varying sized plastic tubs.

Watch this space as we are developing a number of special new products.

Split raw lobster.    A split cooked lobster.   raw lobster tails.