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Pickled and Raw Octopus

Beautiful Marinated Octopus.

The beautiful form and colour of OZZY OCCY marinated octopus.

Pickled Octopus.

A pickled octopus entree.

Marinated Octopus:

Ozzy Occy is the name of our own delicious marinated octopus products. We use a variety of ingredients which make Ozzy Occy very tasty!

We currently have two variations of Ozzy Occy:

Marinated Occy – tenderised and marinated in a secret, local combination of tasty sauces.....perfect with a glass of red wine!

Pickled Occy - tenderised in a blend of vinegars and spices, a tantalising    appetiser with a glass of white wine!

Both products are Ready-to-Eat and are perfect additions to the antipasti platter or as an appetiser.

Normally 280g or 500g plastic tubs.
We will tailor our packaging to suit your needs.

Raw Octopus:

Fresh, raw octopus is packaged to your requirements and then snap frozen.

For example, 1kg or 2kg sealed plastic bags.