Fishery Sustainability

Indian Ocean Rock Lobster Pty. Ltd.

Certified by Marine Stewardship Council

The Western Australian Rock Lobster fishery was one of the first fisheries in the world to receive Marine Stewardship Council Certification of sustainable fishing practices. When the MSC was formed the Western Australian Rock Lobster fishery was well placed to receive certification. The fishery had already undergone long-term scientific study and catch-logging and had implemented a range of catch restrictions aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the fishery.

The regulatory body, the Department of Fisheries, Western Australia, the research scientists and the fishermen themselves (represented by WAFIC) were rewarded for their co-operation and achievements when the MSC granted the fishery certification. The following is a quote from the MSC web site speaking of the Western Australian Rock Lobster fishery:

"In March, 2000, this fishery became the world's first fishery to be certified as sustainable to the MSC environmental standard."

As part of our processing procedure, after steaming the lobster, they are quenched in sea water from the pristine, A-Class Marine National Park from whence they came.  This ability is unique to Indian Ocean Rock Lobsters, and we are proud to be participating in sustainable practise to preserve the nature of our marine environment and at the same time, deliver unrivalled quality product to our market.

Indian Ocean Rock Lobster's methods are modern, clean, efficient with almost no by catch.

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